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"Working with Corey and the Alliance crew has been great. They make marketing to the Wake consumer easy and seamless. From digital and still content creation, brand associations and collaborations to assistance with athlete sponsorships, they have been a huge help to Pro-Tec and our water division"

R.P. Bess

Global Brand Director, Pro-Tec

“The team at Alliance is so easy to work with, and they assist us in reaching the consumer group we’ve targeted. They have our brand’s best interests in mind when placing our print and web advertisements, which is why we’ve worked with the group for so many years”.

Ron Burnett

Senior Marketing, KICKER Performance Audio

"Alliance has always been at the forefront of what is going on in wakeboarding for their entire existence. They are continually bringing new elements of wakeboarding culture to light and are ahead of the curve in terms of upcoming riders, new spots, new crews, and new trends. They know what’s coming up in wakeboarding before everyone else. Positioning ourselves with Alliance has given BuyWake.com a level of credibility within our target market that we have not been able to achieve with other publications or websites. And, I wouldn’t trade the friendships we have made and the partnership we have cultivated over the years for anything. Alliance truly looks out for BuyWake.com and do their best to highlight our brand at every level".

Lee Elliott

Director, Ambush Board Co. / Buywake.com

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